Analysis And Design Come Together - Integration Provides Protective Solutions

Engineering & Design


Armored Devices Inc. engineering department is comprised of creative and motivated individuals working in a team environment to design cost effective survivability solutions. We often take a conceptual approach to new product development. We then create solid models which are then combined into assemblies for manufacturing drawings.

Our engineering department conducts stress analysis, often utilizing solid works simulation for allowable stresses, vibration and shock analysis. We destructively test commercially available ballistic materials for verification and have developed our own proprietary material structures. Our proprietary armored packages incorporate composite materials, advanced ceramics, various steels and other alloys. We can model electromechanical systems using MATLAB and develop data analysis algorithms.

We employ only people that have or qualify for a U.S. Security Clearance. We have experience in steels, forgings and design of armored weldments. Some of our accomplishments can be summarized by the number of patents created by Armored Devices Inc. engineers. Our engineers can claim that they pioneered modern folding ballistic shields.

Our ballistic products are designed and manufactured in accordance to National Institute of Justice standards (NIJ 0101.06 and 0108.01) for acceptance criteria, workmanship and armor backing materials. We engineer our products to be practical, reliable and lifesaving.

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