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The TARGA™ is an armored weapons port which offers ballistic protection to the head, neck and shoulders of the user. The TARGA™ can be carried by only one soldier and can be mounted on sandbags, on top of walls, in windows, or on the ground for pillbox like protection. The TARGA™ rotates on its stand and can also be mounted on the top of armored vehicles hatches to provide protection for gunners or for protected observations. The right side of the TARGA™ enables the user to grab the charging handle on the weapon. Thermal imaging systems(FLIR) are available for target data.

Thermal Imaging (FLIR) Available
FEATURES: -Interchangeable Viewports With Optional
Interchangeable Adapter Plates For Weapons Mounting
-Sloped Top And Side Plates
-Man Portable With A Handle
And Detachable Mounting Stand
-Mountable On Armored Vehicles/Helicopters
-Optional Thermal Imaging Cameras


Ballistic Protection: Viewport- 7.62x51 AP(1 Impact)
Ceramic Plates- 7.62 x 51 AP(3 Impacts)
Materials: Boron Carbide Ceramics, Dyneema
Layered Ballistic Glass, Hardened Steel
Dimensions: 22.0 Inch(559mm) Wide x 18.0(457mm) High
Weight: 48lbs.(21.8kg)

The TARGA™ LE is the Law Enforcement version of the Targa. It fits the need for law enforcement personnel who need to have their officer in clear view of the threat and yet have high ballistic protection. The TARGA™ LE features a moveable NIJ4 viewport which will accommodate a variety of small arms weapons such as pistols and AR style rifles. The opening in the viewport is angled such that the user only has to slide the viewport open enough to fit the cross section of the weapon. The TARGA™ LE comes with the same rotating support stand as a military TARGA™, with the exception of special soft mounting feet to prevent the stand from scratching the surface of the hood or roof of a police vehicle. The side ballistic panels angled for side protection. An armored plate overlaps the hinges for ballistic protection at the joints. Can be mounted on Armored Devices Inc. High Mobility SWAT Shield.

FEATURES: High Ballistic Protection For Police Exposed To The Threat
Rotating Stand, Angled Side Protection
Mountable On The High Mobility S.W.A.T. Shield
                                            SPECIFICATIONS: Ballistic Protection: NIJ3+/NIJ4
Materials: Hardened Steel, Layered Ballistic Glass
Dimensions: 24.0 Inch(610mm) Wide x 14.5 Inch(370mm) High
Weight: 55lbs(23.14 kg)

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