Lightweight Tactical Ballistic Shield (LTBS)

Armored Devices Inc.

Unique Patent Pending Folding Rifle Protection

Made in USA

The LTBS is a full length shield designed to enable the operator to fire a rifle while having their head and body completely protected from incoming fire. It utilizes three parallel ballistic shields, the main, intermediate, and front of the tray. A sliding viewport at the top of the rifleguarantees face protection from incoming rounds. The system may also include armor attached to the user's rifle. The LTBS is best used with a two person team. The primary operator is the rifleman who steers the shield. The secondary operator stands behind the extension handles and with the extension handles can move the LTBS forward, backward, and tilt the shiels to climb obstacles.

The support stand connected to the primary shield, has wheels and can be folded such that the shield will either be perpendicular or parallel to the ground. When the primary shield and support stand are locked parallel to each other and the ground the LTBS can also be used as a backboard for emergency medical personnel to carry and treat patients.

Vertical Standard Size: (22.0 wide x 76.0 high) in (559 x 1930)mm
Horizontal: Folds to 16" in (406)mm from floor
Basic Weight: 121lbs (55kg)
Kinetic Energy and Artillery Protection Levels: Stanag 4569 Levels 1, 2, or 3
NIJ 3+/4 Available